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PayOh is the best solution for your marketplace because it takes care of collecting the sums and allowing their redistribution. Financing of payment accounts by card, management of payment accounts, transfers of money between accounts, outgoing bank transfers: all in one simple and easy to use management.

Common fund funds, job offers, car sharing services, ticketing, online collections of funds to be distributed.

You will have an environment integrated to your website. PayOh retains funds raised on behalf of third parties on a restricted account called a "segregated account" in order to protect your customers and your business. You can create and manage all the payment accounts you need.

<a href="" title="Crowdfunding">Crowdfunding</a>


PayOh supports crowdfunding companies across Europe. Whether it is a crowdfunding activity based on donations, rewards, equity or lending, that is based on loans, our business continuity plans help you meet regulatory requirements (sunset clause) and protect your customers from creditors.

Our technical tools allow you to secure your fundraiser by bank card, bank transfer or check, as well as withdrawals for repayments of short-term loans for lending-based crowdfunding.

We help you with regulatory aspects, we offer insurance and digital signature solutions to simplify the path of your customers.

<a href="" title="Ecommerce">Ecommerce</a>


Choose the best for your e-commerce and save 1.5% on all transactions within your e-commerce. PayOh is the payment system that is easy to integrate, absolutely safe and economical and meets all your needs.

We make your payments secure, filter payments by bank card and manage customer information for you.

Our KYC control team verifies the digital identity of creditors and debtors and protects your business. So you can focus on the quality of your projects and on paying or creditors.

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

Projected in the future with smartphone payment by storing credit card numbers.

PayOh, through the API, offers cutting-edge technology in the field of online payments proposing many complementary services in terms of management and regulation.

Payment 3DS. Identification of fraud schemes. Reduce your risk with PayOh!

Numerous payment methods

We accept many payment methods. Visa, MasterCard, but also SEPA checks and transfers ...